Officials Training...


A. ONLINE Learning

Become an Active Official (Link)

Swimming Canada currently offers the following E-Modules

  • Intro to Officiating (Timekeeper) eModule
  • Safety Marshall eModule
  • Chief Timekeeper eModule
  • Clerk of Course

To access Online Learning:

  1. Become an Active Official (online form link)
  2. Be 14 years and older to take the Intro to Swim Officiating Clinic.
  3. Access Swimming Canada Learning Management System link: https://edu.swimming.ca/
  4. Once you are logged into your officials account you will select Session and then choose the online module you wish to take. Select which you wish to take and click ENROL.
  5. Once you complete the e-Module you can access your deck evaluation card here: (PDF).



The Introduction to Swim Officiating clinic MUST be taken BEFORE taking any other clinics.

Virtual Training learning is available for the following courses:

  • Judge of Strokes and Inspector of Turns
  • Clerk of Course
  • Starter
  • Meet Manager

To access Virtual Learning:

  1. Become an Active Official https://form.jotform.com/201806837477262 
  2. Be 14 years and older
  3. Sign up for a clinic online: https://form.jotform.com/211315149241243
  4. Once you complete the Virtual Course you can access your deck evaluation card here: http://www.swimsask.ca/officials/pdf/officials-card-general-2018.pdf




Mass Official’s Clinics are held in the Fall, Winter and Spring as per the Mass Clinic Policy.
ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK for In-Person Clinics: in person clinics are not currently being offered.

EMAIL Swim Saskatchewan

2205 Victoria Ave. Regina, Sask Canada S4P 0S4 Telephone is: (306) 780-9291 Fax is: (306) 525-4009