Swim Saskatchewan provides leadership and resources to promote excellence through sport development, competition, education, training and strong member organizations.


Swimming in Saskatchewan develops excellence for all. Within the sport of swimming, we create opportunities for our members to develop the physical, mental and social skills for lifelong personal growth.

Focusing on its mission, Swim Saskatchewan Inc. will seek to accomplish these strategic goals:

  1. Membership: Increased member recruitment and retention in all programs.
  2. Evaluation mechanisms: Ongoing evaluation mechanisms to ensure quality programs and services.
  3. Funding: An enhanced level of fiscal resources allocated strategically to support quality programs and services.
  4. Image/Public Relations: Increased public awareness of Swim Saskatchewan Inc. and its programs, and the development of new partnerships and relationships.
  5. Organizational Structure: A useable comprehensive organizational and administrative framework for Swim Saskatchewan Inc.
  6. Programs: All programs are up-to-date, relevant to member needs, and introduced consistent with the mission/vision of Swim Saskatchewan Inc.

EMAIL Swim Saskatchewan

2205 Victoria Ave. Regina, Sask Canada S4P 0S4 Telephone is: (306) 780-9291 Fax is: (306) 525-4009